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Taking care of my skin whenever I’m on holiday is a big priority. Bobbi Brown is the brand I will always find myself reaching for, whether it’s skin care or make-up I’m never disappointed with the result and care it has for my skin. On my trip to Sardinia I wasn’t overly fussed with taking mass amounts of time or effort with getting ready, mainly because the Island is such a beachy relaxed destination there was no need for me to commit myself to getting ready (that’s my excuse for looking merely presentable at all times okay?? just go with it). I love the brand for the fact it includes such natural, non-invasive ingredients, every oil or extract they include in their products draws me in every time.
When getting ready all my focus is on the base of my skin, I really want that dewy glow which is easily accomplished by Bobbi Brown’s Intensive skin Serum matched with their Vitamin face base (my absolute faveee). Incorporating some of my favourite products along with some new releases is how I decided to take care of my skin on this holiday.





Cleansing my skin twice daily whether I’ve been wearing make-up or not is a must for me.
In all honestly I’ve always been afraid of using cleansing oils – reason being I naturally have oily skin, the word ‘oils’ in any skin care normally has me running south. HOWEVER of course the ingredients drew me in once again “Jasmine flower extract, Kukui Nut Oil, Sunflower, Olive and Jojoba Oils”. This was the exact moisture and hydration my skin needed after a day swimming in the salty sea and being exposed to sun. The cleanser also worked really well in the evenings once I had taken my make-up off. The product left more of a soft feel to my skin than a rubbery oil which I was afraid of. I have learnt that this style of cleanser is undoubtedly something I need to mix into my beachy holiday’s skin care routine.





Before going away I had already planned my basic skin routine, hence the reason for buying all of these products… Apologies to keep stating the obvious. I wanted to make sure this routine was as effortless as possible! Thanks to my natural oily skin I tried to avoid wearing moisturiser during the day and only apply SPF. Although I felt that my skin would benefit from some extra protection which brings me to this… Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement, Ingredients : “White Birch & Grape extracts”. This is labelled as an ‘Anti-ageing Serum’ which is something I really tried to encourage to apply whilst away. The sun causes so much damage to our skin without us even realising, so due to the fact this serum targets dark area’s (not eyes) but blemishes and spots, and also fine lines, I applied this twice daily morning and night, by patting and not rubbing it in which I felt left a better finish.





I can rant and rave about this product for days. This is an all time favourite Bobbi Brown product of mine. Purely down to the fact that I’m all about that dewy base, as said before. This is the perfect evening and day foundation for me whilst away, with an SPF of 40 this also concludes the reason for it being my 1st choice in holiday foundation. Although this is advised for normal to dry skin types, and I’m (unfortunately) oily skinned, I will either mix this with more of a mattifying foundation or apply powder in the area’s needed, so if we share the same skin type don’t allow the dewyness to put you off. Ingredients : “Lychee, Bamboo Grass and Cordyceps Mushroom extracts”.




Bobbi Brown Beach Hand & Body Loation. From my knowledge Bobbi Brown released their Beach Collection of summer this year. And it was wonderful, they had a variation of releases including Hand & Body lotion, Shower gel, Body scrub and fragrance. Possibly one of the most exciting product releases of Summer 17. This is the first time I’ve noted the brand to steer away from make-up and pay more attention to care for the body. The aim for the moisturiser as said on the packaging is to help maintain your tan with help from the Ingredients : “Aloe Vera, olive, jojoba, and sunflower oils. Green tea and vitamin E”. Such a simple and lovely product which did exactly what it claimed to do.





Last but by all means not least, a new found love make-up piece. Cheek and Glow Palette. This brings a subtle glow to a simple base, whilst also being really buildable, I often use this now for more of a ‘full on’ makeup look. There are four different shades to choose from with the Cheek Glow Palette, this is in the shade Milk Chocolate – the only deeper toned palette that I came across, the rest were all pink based with a shimmer/highlight. The bottom brown shade can also be used as a contour, I personally have been using it as eyeshadow as well as a subtle contour/bronzer. The highlight is everything!! Both products are cream based but the Highlight feels more as a gel when applying it, due to it not being overly pigmented but really effective as a Highlight. Amazing for ‘Holiday Skin’ if you get what I mean? And I have also become addicted to using it now back in the UK.




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