What I wore in the Maldives



Even when the wooden pathways were reaaaalllyyy hot, for some reason I decided to not wear shoes throughout the day. Mainly because most of our time was spent on the beach. Apart from when we decided to take the odd outfit pic!
Like everyone, I love wearing white when i have a tan, so i made a conscious effort  to wear it pretty much daily… Evening, Swimwear… And Beachwear. The dress / pullover I’m wearing here is from Topshop, the hat is also. I love mixing monochrome with a hint of colour / pompoms are also a favourite incorporation of mine – which I’m sure you’ll pick up on as my travel posts go on…





As I’m sure many can relate to… In preparation for my holiday I bought approximately 4000 bikini’s and everything swimwear related prior to going away, only to end up wearing about 3. Hunza G bikini’s have been on my list for quite a while but I can never justify £100+ on a bikini – especially never having tried one size swimwear before. However, ASOS have created a mini revolution with their ‘one size’ bikini’s… Now I’m sure this isn’t for everyone but for me it really worked, I didn’t feel uncomfortable or conscious once, I found the bikini really flattering and I found so many styles to chose from. Now I’m thinking my £100+ bikini purchase is sounding rather appealing.





This was a spontaneous capture of what I was wearing… Purely because of the back drop, not your most generic Maldives picture… I Know. However this is more of a realistic outfit I found myself wearing daily. A simple pair of Levi shorts and a faux satin shirt (lets not get too classy and keep it faux for now). I wore my shirt open or tied up with my ASOS bikini paired underneath.





Continuing with Daywear, This was my favourite outfit to photograph – purely because of the contrast in colours. Green and white is a common colour combo I like to combine! This 6 Shore Road Globe Trotter Jumpsuit … Is a bit of a mouthful but completely worth my money, I wore this day and night – and it really matched well with all of my accessories purely because of the colour – and also loving the lace texture.





As well as being comfortable I like my beachwear to be feminine, I pictured this outfit and how I wanted it to look before we were even away. To my luck the Maldives was surprisingly windy all the time, hence the ‘windswept’ hair look I appear to have going on in every picture. This Free People Tunic Dress matched so well with the Maldives setting, very easy to wear in all settings due to the light flowy material.





Referring back to picturing most of my outfits before even being away, I simply knew that a red flowing maxi dress of some sort was coming with me, I looked everywhere for a reasonably priced dress and eventually came across this one on Missguided – I hardly ever shop at Missguided but I was so surprised with the quality and price combination. Initially I had my eyes on a Kalita dress (I saw someone else wear it in the Maldives okayy, I can’t justify £100+ bikini, god knows how I’d justify an £800+ dress) But that’s what sparked my inspiration for this dress.





Ending this post with what I wore most – swimwear!! Believe it or not for being in the Maldives. These pictures are by far my favourite ~ apologies for continuing to say ‘favourite’ in every paragraph ~ anyway… Very fortunately our Villa had a plunge pool so we were able to capture this swimsuit exactly how I imagined. I have seen this costume all over Instgram and couldn’t deny the purchase. Another designer dupe under my belt.







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