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Lacoste LT Fit 118 Trainers



I was on the hunt for some slim fitting trainers, (preferably white) and I had no discriminatory of which brand or style they were, so coming accross these Lacoste LT Fit trainers was a match made for me. I may or may not have decided that day that I wanted a new pair of trainers, buuuut it’s okay, because without them we wouldn’t be here.



Lacoste are commonly known for their Crocodile emblem, on trend sportswear, and for also having a mixture of seasonal trends. These trainers for me are a perfect example of how they have incoorporated all three categories into one item. The crocodile emblem is subtle yet effective, the base of the shoe is padded and chunky, yet still very light wearing.

One of the main reason’s for me purchasing the shoe is because of the sock-like cuff, I have noticed that all trainers I buy will be unintentionally similarly fitting, purely because I find the fit to be more feminie and flattering around the ankle. Also I am generally not one to wear chunky trainers (uhum it doesn’t look great with my size 7 feet), I envy all of you girls out there that can pull it off… Especially with suits (I wish that was me).




Subtle croc / snake prints, mixing fabrics and textures instead of colours is something I am naturally drawn to in accessories and clothing. Anything with a bit of a twist but not too much could be a title for my wardrobe. I enjoy and feel most comfortable when mixing for example… Silk shirts with ripped;cropped jeans, trainers with tailored coats, sportswear with ‘smart-wear’ and the list goes on! So an outfit like this is usually something I would wear day-to-day, ensuring comfort levels exceed 1000.




Admittedly, I know white trainers can be high maintenance, and maybe people might not be willing to take the risk to purchase these exact ones, but, If you are on the hunt for similar shoes that I was searching for and are willing to spendy spend, I personally think that the price point is SO reasonable for an established brand. Especially in comparison to what some trainers are priced at recently. To me they do not scream ‘sporty’ or ‘trendy’ there is a good mix, which has enabled me to wear them casually and how I intend to continue to wear them. Although maybe when the weather cheers up a bit?!







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