Getting the most out of your Denim


Comparing High-End and High-Street Denims.


Denim jeans are the epitome of my wardrobe, always have done and always will be. In the process of me trying to push myself further away from my comfort blanket clothing, I have developed a new found love for quality denim. That whole quality over quantity thing?? I have never done it, up until now.




Jeans – ZARA – ‘The Vintage High Waist in Malibu Blue’


Now, I know denim jeans are not necessarily a ‘must have’ for everyone, but if you are on the look out for a good quality pair, or to even save your money and spend it elsewhere, It’s taught me a lot about the two and I’d like to share my comparisons with you intrigued denim comparing people also??


A lot of High-Street jeans are Denim and Elastane mixed together, which I’m not going to deny it being very beneficial for when you decide to eat the entirety of your fridge or pop to your Grandparents house for a roast dinner and you need some extra give… We’re all guilty of it right?! Jeans have a reputation for being uncomfortable so I understand the mixture of materials, it’s always a personal preference and it just depends on what look you are going for, and whichever one makes you feel most flattering.



The fit of these Zara Jeans are not the most attractive high-waisted pair  that I’ve ever owned, however they do match with a variation of colour’s and patterns so I am able to wear them quite regularly. They are overly comfortable, offer a raw hem around the ankles and a ripped knee whilst only costing me £39.99. I think investing in a nice belt to tie in my waist could shift my blase attitude towards them, this will also have me feeling a little more dressy and put together.



Quite quickly you can notice the difference between the two. They are both very wearable pairs of jeans, however, I am more drawn to the higher end Calvin Klein Jeans. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m saying ‘higher end’ but I am fully aware this is not your £800+ pair of Balmain Jeans. But CK do their denim R I G H T, and in my opinion the price does not reflect that. To prioritise your ££ and spend it on a good quality pair of jeans does appear to be the best cost per wear option.


DSC_0362-2Jeans – Calvin Klein – HR Straight Ankle Raw Jeans.


When I am browsing or buying I now focus a lot on the structure and strength of the jeans … I feel like the word ‘jean’ is being used far too much for my liking but there is no other alternative… So just go with it. Going back to the… Jeans… I am always more attracted to a distressed or redone pair, anything with a split knee, raw or frayed hem and I’m all over it. The fabric of these are very strong and really do pull you in, in all the right places. I would suggest to go up one size around the waist because of the strength of the fabric, currently they haven’t loosened a great deal and I did buy them a few months ago, but I am not complaining.





I hope my denim comparisons helped any of you who were interested in the two spectrums. Like I said it is always a personal preference, in this case I am more drawn to the CK Jeans and that is the pair I wear regularly. It may be a luxury or a stretch for some people to spend more on a pair of jeans, especially when there are so many great alternatives on the high-street. Most of my jeans are high-street, and I am only sharing my opinion, which I can feel starting to change and paying more attention towards the higher end denims, moving forward I think I will make more of a conscious effort where I spend my money when it comes to buying jeans… I promise thats the last time you hear the word ‘jeans’ on my Blog for a while!



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