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L’Oreal Botanicals – Geranium




I have never been particularly conscious with the ingredients of my shampoo and conditioners… So being the intrigued health and beauty buyer I am, I decided to try out the L’Oreal Botanicals Range. I purchased the one most appealing to me based on appearance, but also taking into consideration that my hair is coloured / a little damaged.

I was instantly drawn to The Geranium Flower fragrance, as it draws me back to my childhood playing in my Nana’s garden. She had the Flower planted throughout – planting pots and planting beds flushed with a variety of purple and pink colours.



The Benefits

The Geranium Flower is native to South Africa but can grow all over the world, It is commonly used within aromatherapy and highly commended in the beauty industry. The Geranium is well known for it’s oil extracts in which it’s beneficial properties will differ dependant on which country it originates from. The Egyptians were the first to utilise the oil as a skin treatment which radiates and prevents inflammation and acne. The oil is also claimed to alleviate anxiety and balance out hormones.



Botanicals Geranium – Shampoo & Conditioner – Hair Mask, apply to wet hair or use like a pre-shampoo – Shine Vinegar, apply throughout your day for an extra shine boost.


The purpose of the Botanicals range is to enhance and maintain your hair as bespoke and naturally as possible. You are benefitting your hair from 100% natural ingredients, whilst also encouraging hair growth and maintenance at a low cost. I would suggest to look through the variety of fragrance’s and purpose of each product to best suit your hair type. I was personally swerved by the simple idea of how my hair would actually feel and last when using Silicone, Paraben and Colourants free haircare products.

I would suggest to use any new beauty product as frequently and as regularly as possible, this is to challenge and see if the results are what every product claims to make, and since using all four products every time I wash and dry my hair I can confidently say that I do see an instant change in my hair, especially within radiance and elasticity which is what my hair was really lacking.




I try my best to avoid applying heat to my hair, as my hair ‘type’ is normally quite dry and finds it difficult to absorb any kind of moisture, I will often supplement this with raw coconut oil, which I use as a hair mask and as a heat protector, especially if I am in a hot country… I will just apply the lot, cross my fingers and hope for the best. Luckily for me The Geranium Hair Care also contains coconut and soya oils to produce that extra richness, protection and shine.

When I have a rare day sitting at home and having washed my hair the night before using L’Oreal Botanicals, I’ll avoid blow drying, straightening or curling my hair, purely to see the distinctive change in the texture and fuzziness my hair can have. I am aware this probably sounds like too much effort and a bit unneeded to a lot of people… But these kind of experiments really do determine my love for a product, and I can safely say that without the artificial heat there is a massive change with how my hair holds when using this shampoo and conditioner.


DSC_0074 2



A little side note…

As well as being aesthetically pleasing on the eye to photograph and whilst sitting on your bathroom shelf, every detail of this product has been thoroughly thought through in regards to naturalness, 100% of the packaging was created from recycled materials and can (obviously) be recycled again. *Plastic pollution and all that*



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