Based on my recent purchases… I’m starting to question the sort of weather we are currently experiencing here in the UK. My Palazzo Pant and Flared Trouser obsession is getting a little out of hand, for example – I feel obliged to buy every single colour, shape and style I come accross!!




Fortunately… Or Unfortunately? I’m not quite sure which one yet… I have always been a self proclaimed Trouser Queen… If this is even a thing? When I dispute between being fortunate and unfortunate, I maybe, slightly indirectly shaming myself for never stepping out of my Trouser comfort zone, buuuut it’s fine, I’ll move on one day! I think it’s safe to claim to be somewhat of an expert in the trouser fitting, hunting field, especially within High Street Tailoring!




Highstreet or High-end, I am alwayssss drawn to the Tailored Trouser section. If I can find a pair of trousers that look as if they could be £400, when actually they have cost me £40… I think that’s a winner winner chicken dinner!! … *uhum* Excuse my lameness, but anyways, you get my gist?? These trousers do exactly that… I wouldn’t go as far as £400 but by far more than £40 we can agree on that surely??

If you want to feel confident wearing a day-to-night outfit and still feel put together by the end of the night, I will always suggest a good pair of tailored trousers. Right now there are so many different styles, colours and inexpensive options on the high-street, I feel it’s only right to go on the hunt and find the right styles and frames!



Apologies if you sense as if I am trying to push my shopping addiction upon you, that is not my aim nor gain. I love sharing clothes and opinions, and this purple pair of Palazzo Pants were greatly welcomed into my wardrobe and are greatly open to opinions, as I know the colour is a little uncommon and not to everyones taste.

If you are intrigued by high-street tailoring I will link a few pairs and the ones I am wearing (If I can find them) at the bottom of the page so you can have a browseroo too…





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