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Monaco and Nice


Only visiting Nice for a few days and Monaco for a few hours, it was hard to capture what I like to think i had planned. Like most people (I’m hoping) my extreme buying addiction reaches a new high before going away. I become very overwhelmed with what I am going to wear and what I am going to Blog, end up buying the whole of every shop I’m currently in-to and then suppress it all within my suitcases, normally having my shizza together with organising and separating the two, but no… Not this time, unfortunately this time I was just a big clothing bundle of bloggable mess.




Our trip to Nice was very last minute . com, we booked an apartment via Airbnb in the City Centre, which may I add, t’was the most beauuuutiful little place that we have ever stayed in, the interior’s were flushed with whites, greys, linen materials and had marble worktops… Even on the terrace. The architecture of the ceilings and doorways were very dainty and classically Parisian .. Yes Parisian .. We were not in Paris I know, but I don’t know how else to describe it, ya feel moi?


Spending 99.999% of the time traipsing around City Centre’s and touristic parts, we were becoming desperate to branch out and have a bit of a chilaxx, to which we googled and found a little coastal area called Villefranche-sur-Mer, in-between Nice and Monaco. Sadly I took no pictures of this area or of myself whilst there… Partly because I really did just want to ‘chilax’, really helpful Evelyn, I know! Sorry about that, you’ll just have take my word and believe me, because honestly it was such a beaut! Fo sho if we return we will stay there… Walk to the same beach club everyday… Eat the same beach club food everyday… Drink the same beach club wine and G&T’s everyday… Slightly getting carried away now I know… You can also hire small Yachts and Boats (if you’re into that) and travel around the surrounding bays which I would have loved to do!! Anywayzz, I’ll save that story for another time considering I haven’t actually done that yet! But definitely worth marking at the top of your list if you’re planning a visit to the SOF!



Side note: This is not the recommended attire to wear walking up steep hills and in 30 degrees heat, thats for sure. As aesthetically pleasing with the surroundings and colour bursting buildings it was, I will not be wearing a heavy mesh dress in Monte-Carlo’s mid-summer ever again.



We planned a full day and rented a car to drive from Nice to Monte-Carlo, slightly nervous but mostly excited we took to the busy roads. Again, my picture skills were not very ‘on point’ and all of the pictures I took reflected me and my big yellow dress in the windows of our car… Who takes pictures through car windows anyway?! So yet again, I am describing our experience through text (very sorry)… The drive was hands down amazing – whenever deciding on places to travel to, I am always drawn to picturesque views of the sea, coastal edges and overly-detailed rich looking buildings; as you can imagine driving into Monaco was like a dream for me!

Just a Tip: Uber does not operate in Monaco, you can drive from Nice to Monaco via Uber but don’t expect to be able to travel back, we found out the hard way the night before…




I think I just love France as a whole, every part that I have ever travelled to I have never faulted. I do always say that if I could live anywhere in the world it would be somewhere in France uhum… Paris. I’m assuming it’s down to the architecture, I talk a lot about buildings I know, but I love the sheeky shuttered buildings with the high ceilings that give off that vintagey vibe, and I’m always down for the relaxed feel I get when visiting these places… Although, still to determine whether that’s just because I am leisurely away from home or not.



To round it up… Drive to Monaco from any of the French Riviera destinations you are staying at, Make a visit to Villefranche-sur-Mer and Antibes (which I didn’t mention but just as wonderful) in-between Nice and Cannes a priority, Do not wear heavy mesh dresses for days packed full with walking, Try not to become envious of people’s Super Yachts and Cars when walking around Monaco’s Harbour, Remember to eat all of the food at the nice restaurants/ beach clubs you come across! I could have done a whole post about the food alone but I’m the type of person that forgets to take pictures of my food before I start eating it and FINALLY take full advantage of photo opportunities when coming across all of the lovely doors!






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