A Whole Lotta Blouse

As we are entering the awkward weather and god only knows what I should wear phase here in the UK, I have found myself drawn towards items that are going to make my outfit choices a whole lot easier! I am usually the type of person who likes to have outfits all preprepared in my mind, you know a ‘just incase’ situation arises… So opting for more statement pieces such as these blouses make my wardrobe decisions much simpler!


I understand the hesitancy people feel when it comes to buying more ‘statement’ pieces such as poofy, flowy blouses, it’s easy to think ‘Will I wear this? Is this a waste of money?’ (unless you’re like me and don’t have that conscious).
Without getting too much into it, I have been on a little learning journey of my own over the past few years – I used to buy almost everything statement, and not enough basic… I was the prime example of “I have nothing to wear”.





So… I’m still learning, as I always will be, but I feel I have certainly improved with balancing the basic and statement duo, or at least to my own taste lets say!
I still find myself being most attracted towards detailed and colourful pieces, just now I am more able to suss out my cost per wear. Perhaps it comes with maturity, or a number of trial and errors – but at least we’re getting there!




Which brings me to my final destination… Black… This is my self proclaimed comfort blanket/colour, there I said it, guilty I plead! Okay, with less of the dramatics, I am that person who can and will quite easily wear this colour on a daily basis for the foreseeable.


I wear this colour probably a little too much, and it may seem I have contradicted myself by declaring my struggle with over-buying of statement pieces, and that I’m not afraid of colour etc. But yes, as I said above – I’m also guilty of staying wrapped within my comfort blanket… As long as you’re not toooo comfortable, ya know?



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