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Blazered meaning ‘wearing a blazer’ … Is not a real word if you hadn’t already sussed that one out! Although, if you look on the ‘Wiktionary’ … It’s on there!! and confirms my use of the word. So I’ll take my made up word for realness before we have any doubters!
Moving on…





My excitement to create Autumn inspired pics may have peaked a little early, the air this day was still crispy and cold – but as as a whole t’was was very sunny and pleasant. So this in-between blazer was the perfect wear for the weather… I’ll stop with the weather forecast now, as I sure hope that’s not why you’re here!






Pairing a belt with a thick wooled G’dad Blazer is a new fonded fave of mine. The pairing of the two for me is so simple, yet makes you feel put together, and like you’ve made a real effort, and for that, I can’t really ask for much more, as I’m a gal who craves plenty of ease and effectiveness when it comes to my wardrobe!



If you’re not too keen on the skin tight ripped jeans, neither am I… Are they even still a thing? They were a nice idea at the time, but now I’m not too sure? I have had these jeans since they were a thing around 5 years ago or so, and as much as I can bash them, they do have a purpose. I’m not all that great at dressing too prim, proper and structured, and I feel as though blazers can easily take you down that route, therefor I will always try and ‘edge it up a bit’ with a little unconventional rip or tear somewhere.








I would usually wear a Boyfriend style jean on a day-to-day, but here I was drawn to the frame that the blazer, belt and jeans brought together. I like that my waist was kept stinched and felt feminine, which can be unusual, or hard to find in most Trend Blazer’s you see on the market today.
Just an FYI… I am all for and love me a baggy jean and blazer combo also! 





I apologise for the many ‘Wiktionary’ style words within this post, I am sure you have noticed more than those I have pointed out. I didn’t want to point every word out (I did try)  but it was getting a little tedious, for you and me! So yes, please take them with an informal pinch of salt, and be sure that I am going to make a point of improving my vocabulary 🙂
Thanks for reading! x




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