NYE: A Suit or Dress?



I find it quite hard, especially at this time of year, but in general – to step outside of my comfort zone for evening wear, events and night’s out. There are usually two trend generic options, and I think it’s safe to say at this point in time it’s either a Dress or a Suit?
Talking about trends, It’s also hard to avoid the Velvet and Sequin clothes that are currently e v e r y w h e r e, and you’re either a fan or not… I am, if you couldn’t tell already. It’s the only time of year that I probably do dress up a little over the top, or out of my comfort zone should I say… Dress how you want, who cares! Is what I should be thinking.



As I’m usually a trousers and top/ shirt kind of gal, I’ll probably stick to the suit on this occasion. It’s probably for the best to avoid sequins if you have long hair – I naively discovered this the hard way.



Makeup: I like to wear a heavy base mixed with lots of luminosity and bronziness, I used to be a ‘heavy on the eyeliner’ teenager, luckily I’ve aged and thankfully I have learnt how to 1. Use the eyeliner and 2. Now know less is more.
For NYE I’d also include a heavy eye – this can be with either dark or neutral shades, I like both, so it’s whatever you prefer. I tend to favour a glossy eye and a bold lip – which is what you can see I have done here!




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