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As we are moving into a new wave of conscious decisions, buying clothes at affordable prices in line with fast fashion can create a blur with where and what to spend your money on. I myself have found this a little overwhelming at times, and left feeling guilt ridden when I have bought unsustainable clothing.


We have been made growingly aware of how damaging the fast fashion industry has on our future ecosystem, it’s triggered me to think about my ‘impulse purchases’ and ‘buying for the sake of it’.  Over the past year I have been consciously minimising my clothing intake, and it is welcomed! – I have less stuff to declutter every few months and feel much  more in control of what I actually want and need.






“Therapist: And what do we do when we are sad? 

Me: Add to cart

Therapist: No”

If you haven’t seen that meme, then you gotta – It sadly really makes me laugh, but also very relevant. I have definitely found myself being guilty of this… I think there is a line that we’re all not paying too much attention  to where this line should stop.
It’s hard having everything so accessible to us by the click of a simple button, especially if we’re feeling a bit down – It makes pointless  purchases okay and justifiable. I’ve noticed the more cut throat I am in  cancelling out these ‘feel a bit down buys’, the more I am able to reduce the amount of random outfits, still not worn, and still tagged in my wardrobe?? Although, I can’t stop, won’t stop with the pyjama purchases as they do bring me genuine happiness (I’m just trying to be more conscious of the materials, come back in a few years).


It’s all about educating yourself and finding what decisions fit in with your lifestyle, I am by no means perfect and 100% knowledgable, but I do agree with everyone acting imperfectly towards our planet than none at all.
There are so many amazing upcoming brands and designers who are paving the way for an eco-friendly fashion industry.  If you are unsure on where to start – I have included a few brands below who are committed to being sustainable or teaching you how to ensure longevity and care for your items. Don’t be put off by price-tags, you’ll be surprised by the amount you save by not constantly spending.
Buying one-off pieces that you’ve always wanted is much more rewarding anyway!



A few little tricks and tips i try to abide by are more simple than you’d think. I try to  make a real conscious effort of knowing what materials my clothing is created and mixed with. I will avoid clothing that has been mixed with non-biodegradable fibres and plastics. I have found knitwear easiest to work with in this case, many brands now use natural wools and biodegradable materials – you do sometimes have to hunt around or  spend a bit more money, but they are there! Buying 100% cotton night and underwear is a great starting point. Research into brands ethos’s and understand where their clothes are manufactured.



Thanks for reading if you made it this far, I am always open to learning and educating myself further with sensitive topics such as these. Please read what I say with the harmless intention I aimed to come across. Please also feel free to contact and discuss further x


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