Staying Home

I’m not here to talk you through what you should be doing whilst staying home, everyone has their own management with how to mentally tackle what is currently taking place in the world – and there really isn’t a right or wrong way with how to do so.
I’ve found myself feeling a little uninterested whilst watching/ reading usual platforms like IG, Yt and Blogs… Not due to the people I’m watching, I’m just finding it hard to connect (so no offence taken if you feel the same way rn).  Inevitably people are just trying to continue as normal as possible which we can’t fault, it’s a huge adjustment for everyone.
On a more easygoing note – I’m posting this to chat through a few things that are currently bringing me some sort of escapism at the moment, a few luxuries and a few things I’m doing for my own sanity.


Smelling nice is nice…

Hydration is key right now…

A little pricey luxury is a weakness of mine, and I hear ya – in this uncertain time I’m for sure not splashing out on buying and trying a range of new products; I have some of the above and I’m working with what I’ve got at home. A gal just likes a good browse and to see what has potential.

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‘Keeping active’ I’ve found a slight challenge, I’ve occasionally exercised at home or gone for a run if I’ve felt like it (e.g. once).  So lets be real, I’ve mostly been in my cosy clothes.  I do like a good mix of cosy and gym wear together and find these two blending more and more as trends continue to go on. Listed some of my fave brands below for you.

Working hard or hardly working…

All this time at home has got me lusting over interior accessories more than anything else. I seem to have added quite a few things to my in my dreams wishlist – I suppose this is to be expected as you’re not usually within these four walls for this long.  My brain starts to wander on how I can improve and decorate different areas. Moodboarding has been a saviour of mine!

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Interior Wishlist…

However you are spending your time, whether that’s by meditating, staring at a wall, reading a book, playing Sims 4 (as am I)… Trying to take care of your mental health and checking in with family and friends is really what matters.  It’s really hard to control anxiety when you feel fight or flight at least 10 times a day, and the only way I’m really managing this is by distraction (hence the post). Completing small tasks that bring you a sense of satisfaction or something that enables you to be creative can also be helpful, but just remember there is no obligatory to do anything.



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