My current *realistic* morning routine!


In times where structure and concept of time can be difficult to maintain, It’s proving hard to stick to any kind of routine (kudos to you if you are breezing through this WFH/ Furlough situation) – as many of us are struggling, I being one of them! This has especially affected my Morning’s.  I’m typically a ‘Morning Person’ who enjoys the earlier hours very much and my most productive during, if I don’t start off well, then I can feel sluggish for the rest of my day.  To avoid this happening, I have a systematic Morning routine for my mental wellbeing which I will mostly follow Mon-Fri.  I have shared this for you to read and potentially get some insight, and for me to refer back too [If I ever start to go off piste].

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Pre-quarantine I was and still am  trying to pay  particular attention to how my different moods can determine the rest of my day *and how to stop this happening* accepting your bad moods can be hard, but also very needed for peace of mind. You have probably heard this all before, but if I can help just one person not learn the hard way like I did, then it’s worth mentioning again in my eye -balls (apologies, that’s just my lame sense of humour).
The smallest changes in habits and decisions that I have made over the years is what’s had the largest overall impact to my daily routine. <You may need to read that again.   I am the type of person who can change their mind like the wind, so sticking to certain habits can be challenging  for me, [also very impatient and expect immediate results] I like to make life simple as you can see 😉
If you’re the type of person who enjoys researching/ reading about ‘life changing habits’ you’ll see ‘consistency is key’ as a common feature… Which like I said, I learned the hard way to be true!! As much as my Aquarian mind wants to rebel and format my own perspective – daily consistency is what helps long-term results.  Now I hope I haven’t blabbed you into oblivion… My tips listed below are much more easy to read!
I should probably plug in here… Given the global f*cking crisis, It’s fair to say that our usual daily routines have been dashed far out of the window.  Please don’t feel obliged to follow anything I mention on here; It’s all very easy going anyway… But I’d always encourage you to continue to follow what helps you/ makes you happy, and if you pick up any tips from me/ here, that’s great too!

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My Morning Step-by-step!

  1. Not use my phone as soon as I wake up.  It also really helps to have downtime from my phone the night before (approx 30mins is good) I do this every so often and definitely notice a difference in my brain clarity (if that’s a thing?) the morning after… Which is what we all want! Right?

  2. As simple as it may sound, get up, wash ma face – brush ma teeth, have a shower, get dressed and make the bed.

  3. (Sometimes) Ill have a quick and easy stretch lasting approx 5 mins no intensity to it – just nice to get my body flooOooOwing.

  4. Once downstairs, open all blinds/ curtains, turn on radio (I prefer radio chat over music 1st thing, not sure why haha).

  5. Make a big ol glass of water (drink this before I eat/ drink anything else) It’s what your body needs 1st thing, it physically wakes your body up – hydrates, helps blood flow, awakens your organs blah-de-bla, you can google the rest.

  6. Most mornings I’ll have a little ‘potter’ clean, it helps my chaotic mind feel a bit more structured – empty the dishwasher, clean kitchen sides, fluff up pillows and sometimes hoover.

  7. Have my hot drink moment – Tea or Coffee you choose! – (I choose Coffee).

  8. At this point, I would usually put the News on the TV as background noise  (riveting I know) – but given the Pandemic being all that’s currently reported, I’m not into filling myself with worry and anxiety first thang. So I’ll generally  allow myself 15 mins phone time!

  9. Be strict with your phone time allowance!! I do this to make sure I don’t spiral into a black hole on Instagram where I’m 2hrs deep stalking a High Fashion Dog Influencer page (It’s a real thing).

  10. Write a list – unrelated to work – and follow throughout the day, I put the simplest of tasks on mine, such as ‘dust cabinet’ and if needed i’ll follow it onto the next day if not completed on set day, as I would with my work list. This has really helped my day-to-day purpose whilst at home during this time.

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Like I said, none of us are currently feeling or experiencing ‘normal life’ right now, and although I have made this post all fancy with my outfit pics during quarantine (which are all actually taken in one day to save the effort of me having to dress properly and put on makeup)… I am realistically trying to take more of a relaxed approach with ‘what I should be doing’ and not putting too much pressure on myself; having a balanced start to my day is slowly helping me achieve this, but it’s a day at a time <3


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Last but not least, make sure to take a walk outside, this can be at any time of day.  I know it may be hard for people who live in built up areas, we live in a busy Town – luckily we have found a few hidden gems to take a walk in.

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